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Health & Safety

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This page is meant to give you an overview of some of the major health concerns for travelers and give you some recommendations to make your trip a healthy one. You should by no means substitute the advice provided on this page for a physician consultation. Please note that you should consult a doctor prior to traveling to Liberia.

A Yellow Fever vaccination certificate is required from all travellers over one year of age. This has to be submitted along with visa and other documents when entering the country.

Cholera vaccination isn't mandatory but it is a serious risk in the country, so do take adequate precautions. Malaria, in its malignant falciparum form, is endemic in all parts of the country. Consult your physician for prophylaxis before you leave your country. Rabies is also present, so seek immediate medical help if you are bitten. Bilharzia is present, so it is advisable not to swim or paddle in fresh water.

All kinds of stomach disorders can result if you are not careful about the water you drink, make your ice with and brush with. Boiling or sterilising water is a must. Carry some iodine pills in your wallet if you must. When you are eating out, try and eat hot and cooked food avoiding the salads, milk products, mayonnaise, pork and peeled fruit. Hepatitis B is hyperendemic, and Hepatitis A & E are widespread. Sleeping Sickness has been reported from some areas, as has meningitis.

Hospital care is sketchy in Liberia and med-evac to neighbouring countries will be required if you are seriously ill. It is strongly recommended that you get health insurance coverage, complete with evacuation reimbursement before you visit Liberia. Carry prescription drugs and a first-aid kit with you, in any case.

Travel Advisory

some countries have issued travel warnings for visitors to Liberia. The political situation tends to be calm as from now. Please get the latest updates before your journey.

In any case, keep your ear to the ground and scan daily newspapers when you are in Liberia. Avoid travel in the night and walking alone after dark. Keep copies of your travel papers with you and lock up originals in hotel safe or locker.

Do not carry too much money on your person or leave car doors unlocked. There are very few foreigners in Liberia, so expect to get mobbed by men in uniform claiming to work for Immigration.

Do not let go of your passport; have a copy of your visa always with you. Take practical safety precautions as you would in any foreign place.

Incase of emagency illness these are few popular Hospital and Clinic

  • MSF HOSPITAL: Located on Mamba Point .
  • ELWA HOSPITAL: Located on Paynesville ELWA Road .
  • REDEMPTION HOSPITAL: Located on New Kru Town road.
  • JOHN F. KENNEDY MEMORIAL HOSPITAL: Located on 21st Sinkor Tubman Boulevard .
  • ST. JOSEPH CATHOLIC HOSPITAL : Located on Congo Town, Sinkor Old Road-
  • SEVEN DAYS ADVENTIST HOSPITAL : Located on 12th Street Sinkor.

    Also see Hopsitals

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