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School Attire

School Attire

During primary school and secondary school (both parts), students wear a school uniform that is chosen and designed by their school. During school parties or special functions, students are sometimes allowed to wear what they choose.

Also, there are usually other physical standards that students must abide too. For instance, most schools either have the boys or girls hair cut short, or allow them to braid it neatly, sometimes depending on the grade level or school.

Boys must have their hair cut short(depending on the school). With both boys and girls who have short hair, the hair must be neatly combed. Also, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories usually have guidelines attached. As far as we know, boys and girls are not allowed to wear jewelry. And six graders and below are not allowed to wear shoe to school.

They are allowed to wear white snickers. Neatness is really important, and your school uniform must be clean and ironed, which was sometimes difficult if you had no electric power between the time you washed it, and the time you wore it (unless you were lucky enough to have a generator for power outages). So, people usually had anywhere from 2-3 identical school uniforms. Also, because the weather is so hot, you sweat a lot, and wearing something more than a day in a row (between washings) was unheard of.

There are no restrictions on attire and appearance in higher education.

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