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Electoral System

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Electoral System

Electoral System:

Presidential election where the winner requires more than 50% of the valid votes cast;
a run-off election in case no winner emerges on the first ballot; No minimum voter turn –out required for presidential/parliamentary elections.

Parliamentary and local elections on the basis of the first-past –the post;
No minimum voter turn –out required for presidential/parliamentary elections.

The Electoral Commission

The Electoral Commission is a body of 7 People, responsibility of organising elections. It is made up of 7 members – a chairman, Co-Chairman and 5 other members as Commissioners all of whom are appointed by the President of the Republic on the advice of the Council of State, The Commission has regulatory and administrative functions and meets regularly to make policy, which is then executed on a day-to-day basis.

The current membership of the Commission:
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1. Hon. James M. Fromayan -Chairman
2. Hon. Elizabeth J. Nelson -Co- Chairman
3. Hon. Mary M. Brownell - Commissioner
4. Hon. Elizabeth Boyenneh - Commissioner
5. Hon. James K. Chelley - Commissioner
6. Hon. Jonathan K. Weedor - Commissioner
7. Hon.Karmo Soko Sackor - Commissioner

Source: Electoral Commission

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