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Republic Of Liberia
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The Parliament OF The Republic of Liberia

Speaker of Parliament: Hon. Edwin Snowe (resigned)
Deputy Speaker: Mulbah Tokpah
President Pro Tempore: Isaac Nyenabo
Majority Leader: N/A
Manority Leader: N/A


The Legislature of Liberia is bicameral, consisting of a Senate (upper house) and House of Representatives (lower house), same as the Congress of the United States.

Since late 2003 , a unicameral National Transitional Legislative Assembly (NTLA) has functioned in place of the Legislature, although elections have recently taken place and the elected members will take office.

Overview of political parties in the Legislature (11 October 2005)
Parties and coalitions House seats Senate seats
Congress for Democratic Change 15 3
Liberty Party 9 3
Coalition for the Transformation of Liberia 8 7
Unity Party 8 3
Alliance for Peace and Democracy 5 3
National Patriotic Party 4 4
New Deal Movement 3 -
All Liberia Coalition Party 2 1
National Democratic Party of Liberia 1 2
National Reformation Party 1 1
United Democratic Alliance 1 -
Independents 7 3
Total 64 30

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