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List of Presidents of Liberia

Name Took Office Left Office Party
Joseph Jenkins Roberts January 3, 1848 January 7, 1856 none
Stephen Allen Benson January 7, 1856 January 4, 1864 none
Daniel Bashiel Warner January 4, 1864 January 6, 1868 True Whig Party
James Spriggs-Payne January 6, 1868 January 3, 1870 Republican Party
Edward James Roye January 3,1870 October 26,1871 True Whig Party
James Skivring Smith November 4,1871 January 1, 1872 Republican Party
Joseph Jenkins Roberts January 1,1872 January 3,1876 Republican Party
James Spriggs-Payne January 3,1876 January 7,1878 Republican Party
Anthony W. Gardiner January 7,1878 January 20,1883 True Whig Party
Alfred F. Russell January 20,1883 January 7,1884 True Whig Party
Hillary R.W. Johnson January 7,1884 January 4,1892 True Whig Party
Joseph James Cheeseman January 4,1892 November 12,1896 True Whig Party
William D. Coleman November 12,1896 December 11,1900 True Whig Party
Garretson W. Gibson December 11,1900 January 4,1904 True Whig Party
Arthur Barclay January 4,1904 January 1,1912 True Whig Party
Daniel E. Howard January 1,1912 January 5,1920 True Whig Party
Charles D.B. King January 5,1920 December 3,1930 True Whig Party
Edwin Barclay December 3,1930 January 3, 1944 True Whig Party
William V.S. Tubman January 3,1944 July 23,1971 True Whig Party
William R. Tolbert, Jr. July 23,1971 April 12, 1980 True Whig Party
Samuel K. Doe April 12,1980 September 9,1990 National Democratic Party
Charles Taylor August 27,1997 August 11,2003 National Patriotic Party
Moses Blah August 11,2003 October 14,2003 National Patriotic Party
Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf November,2005 incumbent Unity Party

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