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Ministry of Agriculture

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Ministry of Agriculture
Ministry of Agriculture

Minister: J. Christopher Toe
Deputy: James Logan

The Ministry plays a pivotal role in the Liberia economy, providing critical and reciprocal linkages with all the other sectors of the economy and accounts for 50 per cent of the total formal employment. It is committed to stimulate sectoral growth, guarantee food security and improve the living standard of all people in Liberia.

The Ministry of Agriculture, has a broad range of tasks.

Areas of responsibility include the following:

  • Agriculture,
  • Environmental issues in the agricultural field,
  • Fishery,
  • Animal welfare,
  • Foodstuffs,
  • Higher education and research in the field of agricultural sciences,
  • Consumer policy

The Ministry of Agriculture, relating to the following areas:

  • Agriculture,
  • Ensuring food safety, including food processing and industrial production; supplementary activities of
  • Farms and rural tourism;
  • Veterinary medicine;
  • Hunting and fishing;
  • Agricultural land,
  • Forests and forest space;
  • Forest reserves;
  • Wild animals;
  • Sustainable development of forest ecosystems and their integrated protection;
  • Integrated rural planning and development;
  • Promoting Government investments in forests and in rural space;
  • Food-related issues from the viewpoint of production and processing capabilities and requirements;
  • Production of healthy agricultural and livestock products and foodstuffs;
  • Production of quality wood and other forestry products;
  • Co-formation of price and protection policies for agricultural, forestry and food products;
  • The social status of farmers;
  • Agricultural, forestry, fishing and other cooperatives.

The Ministry is headed by J. Christopher Toe and his deputies

J. Christopher Toe Minister
Philomena Williams Assistant Minister for Administration
Leon Ledlum Deputy Minister for Technical Affairs
Solomon Hedd-Williams Assistant Minister Technical Services
Emmet Metzger Assistant Minister for Research and Planning
William Newberry Assistant Minister for Extension Services
Lorpu Kandakai Deputy Minister for Regional Development, Research and Extension
James Logan Deputy Minister
Peter Korvah Deputy Minister for Extension Services

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