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Ministry of Education

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Ministry of Education
Ministry of Education

Minister: Dr. Joseph Korto
Deputy: Hawa Goll-Kotchi

The Ministry is concerned with broad policy issues on all aspects of education. A major aim is to ensure that available resources are judiciously allocated and put to optimum use to ensure that relevance and quality of education provided at all levels of the education system particularly in rural areas.

Educational policies are formulated within the framework of national goals so that the process of education contributes also to the achievement of Government’s broad outcomes. Personnel management, in-service training and budgetary matters feature prominently in this programme.

Programmes of the ministry are:

  • Administration of primary education,
  • Administration of secondary education,
  • Curriculum,
  • Examination, Educational resource centre and the Schools Broadcast Unit.
  • Technical and Vocational Education and Training,
  • Research and Development,
  • Training and Liberian Education, and
  • Secondary Teacher Training.

Aims and Objectives :

The overall goal of the ministry is to provide relevant and quality education for all Liberians, especially the disadvantaged to enable them acquire skills which will make them functionally literate and productive to facilitate poverty alleviation

The Ministry is headed by Dr. Joseph Korto.

Joseph Korto Minister
Hawa Sharon Goll-Kotchi Deputy Minister for Administration
James Emmanuel Roberts Deputy Minster for Planning, Research and Development
Peter N. Ben Deputy Minister for Instruction
Felecia S. Doe Somah Asst. Minister for Secondary Education
Yonton B. Kesselly Sr Assistant Minister for Vocational and Technical Education
Marcus S. Sobpah Assistant Minister for Teachers' Education
Christopher Sawboh Assist. Minister for Curriculum & Textbooks
Keturah Siebu Assistant Minister for Curriculum
Josephine Travers Porte Asst. Minster for Planning & Research
James F. Andrews Assistant Minister for Administration

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