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Ministry of Health & Social Welfare

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Ministry of Health & Social Welfare
Health & Social Welfare

Minister: Walter Gwenigale
Deputy: Dr. Benson Barh

The Ministry of Health deals with matters relating to healthcare and health insurance

These include: :

  • Healthcare activities at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels; monitoring of the nation's state of health and the preparation and implementation of health improvement programmes;
  • Economic relations in healthcare and tasks relating to the founding of public healthcare institutions in line with the law;
  • Health measures to be taken in the event of natural and other disasters;
  • Protection of the population against addiction-related health problems;
  • Protection of the population against infectious diseases and HIV infection;
  • Food safety and the nutritional quality and hygiene of food and drinking water with a view to preventing chemical, biological and radiological pollution and conducting a general policy on nutrition;
  • The production of, trade in and supply of medicines and medical products; the production of and trade in poisonous substances and drugs;
  • The safety of products intended for general use; health and ecological issues relating to the environment, where a direct impact on human beings is involved;
  • Problems related to drinking water, bathing waters, air, soil and vibrations; waste management from the health protection aspect;
  • Protection against ionising and non-ionising radiation in residential and work environments;
  • Conditions relating to the removal and transplantation of human organs; and
  • The formulation and implementation of international agreements on social security.

The areas of responsibility of the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs that relate to social welfare:

  • Financial security
  • Social services
  • Medical and health care
  • health promotion and the rights of children and disabled people

The Ministry is responsible for the following:

  • Medical services including drug and other supplies, associated with patient care in urgan hospitals and health centres, Subdivisional hospitals, Rural Medical and Nursing Stations;
  • Research confined to virus control, vector control, filariasis control and surveillance of AIDS;
  • Public Health targeted at Maternal/Child Health, Communicable Disease Prevention, Family Planning, Pollution Control and Rural Health Sefices;
  • Health Education and Training through the country;

In the years ahead, the Ministry of Health will pursue health priorities to include the following:

  • Workforce planning, training and development
  • Health education and information
  • Health Management and Reform
  • Cost recovery and health insurance
  • Donor co-ordination
  • Equipment for sub-divisional hospitals and health centres
  • Health Education/Health Promotion development project
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Maintenance of Hospitals, JFK ect.
  • Major Upgrading of Health Centers in Western, Northern and Central/Eastern counties.

The Ministry is headed by Walter Gwenigale and his deputer Dr. Benson Barh who is also the Chief Medical Officer of the Republic of Liberia .

Dr. Walter Gwenigale Minister
Mohammed Sheriff Deputy Minister for Administration
Jessie Ebba-Duncan Assistant Minister/Deputy Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for Preventive Medicine
Moses Pewu Assistant Minister for Curative Medicine
Bendu Tulay Assistant Minister for Social Services
Chea Sanford Wesseh Assistant Minister for Vital Statistics
Nmah Bropleh Assistant Minister for Planning
Malike B. Koneh Assistant Minister for Administration

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