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Ministry of Information Culture and Tourism

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Ministry of Information Culture and Tourism
Ministry of Information Culture and Tourism

Minister: Johnny McClain
Deputy: Elizabeth Hoff

The Ministry is the government's major information agency providing the link between the government, the media and the public. Government's role is to better inform the public about major national development issues and evolve an informed approach to resolving them. The Information Services division includes a News Department, Film and Television Unit, Photography Unit, and a Research, Publication and Website Section.

Media Sector Development
The focus of media sector development is to encourage awareness of government's plans, policies and progress within the country and abroad including greater awareness of the people's social, economic and political environment. The development of the media including the raising of journalistic standards, human resources and capacity building is being actively encouraged. In recognising its role in nation building and national development the media must work with government, local authorities and non-government organisations in promoting national unity by encouraging people's participation in development through well-researched and informative material for public dissemination.

Media Legislation
The Ministry is responsible for developing and introducing new media legislation to develop a more vibrant media industry. The introduction of new media laws will help facilitate transparency and accountability in the media.

Main Areas of Activity
The activities of the Ministry of Culture relate to the creation, communication and protection of cultural values and media.

The ministry responsible for policy,programme, research, statistical review and formulation of tourism development planning. Its principal task is to coordinate and execute tourism development programmes; monitor the effectiveness of incentives provided by Government; promote and facilitate the development of the tourism industry and through the Liberian Tourist Bureau (LTB).

The Ministry is headed by Johnny McClain along with his Deputy Elizabeth Hoff,Deputy Minister for Technical Services.

Johnny McClain Minister
Elizabeth Hoff Deputy Minister for Technical Services
Gabriel I. H. Williams Assistant Minister for Information
Jailee Quiee Assistant Minister for Culture
Scholastica G. Doe Assistant Minister for Tourism
Richmond Anderson Deputy Minister for Administration

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