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Ministry of Lands, Mines & Energy

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Ministry of Lands, Mines & Energy
Ministry of Lands, Mines & Energy

Minister: Eugene Shannon
Deputy: John Nylander

The Ministry of Lands, Mines & Energy exists to ensure the sustainable management and judicious utilisation of the nations Lands Mines & Energy resources for Socio-economic development and equitable growth of Liberia.

  • Lands Department:

    The Lands Department provides various types of services to its tenants, other Ministries/Departments, Statutory Bodies as well as the general public. These services include:
    • Management and Administration of State Land and properties leased to Government.
    • Identify and initiate development proposals for vacant land and assist the National Housing in the upgrading and resettlement of squatter areas.
    • Procurement of land for all Government Departments
    • Carrying out aerial photography, preparation and compilation of maps, plans and continuous updating and maintenance of land records.
    • Examination and approval of all land surveys and overseeing the accuracy of land surveys undertaken by registered surveyors in the country.
    • Upgrade and maintain the geodetic network of Liberia for a sound survey system.
    • Provision of a National Land Information system for Liberia.

  • Mineral Resources Department :

    The Mineral Resources Department acts as both the National Geological Survey and Mines Department of the Republic of Liberia, with the mandate to look after the Mining.

    Its two major operating areas are Mines Administration and Geological and Mineral Investigations. These cover the following:

    • Administration of exploration and mining tenements; processing of applications for grant and renewal, granting licenses, special site licenses or permits as well as certification of mining personnel and specific mining equipment.
    • Monitoring mining and exploration activities, through regular inspections, for adherence to safe environmental practices, health and safety of workers and other specified conditions laid down in the licenses.
    • Issue of licenses for importation, possession and transportation of explosives and fireworks and grant of export permits for geological and mineral samples.
    • Facilitating mining and exploration projects through assistance in negotiations with relevant Government and non-government agencies and providing support with landowner liaison.
    • Hydrogeological assessment and advice on groundwater potential, the siting of potential abstraction sites and drilling of abstraction wells for groundwater.

  • Energy Department :

    The Department of Energy is responsible for undertaking the following functions:

    • Facilitate the provision of energy to the domestic, commercial and industrial users by public enterprises and the private sector, through the development of an efficient regulatory, planning and implementation framework.
    • Re-orientate the approach to rural electrification emphasising informed community choice, sustainability and containment of Government subsidy to achieve greater penetration of electrification into rural areas.
    • Research and promote the development of local energy resources such as Hydro-power, biomass, solar, wave and wind energy; and promote energy conservation measures which improve both technical and economic efficiency in energy use.
    • Participate in the legislation and enforcement of national fuel standards and smoke emission levels and promote efficient and environmentally sound transport practices.

    The Ministry is headed by Eugene Shannon, along with his Deputy for adminstration John Nylander.

  • Name
    Eugene Shannon Minister
    John Nylander Deputy Minister for Administration
    E.C.B. Jones Deputy Minister for Operations
    A. Kpandel Fayiah Deputy Minister for Planning and Development & Technical Services
    Gesler Murray Asst. Minister for Exploration & Research
    Albert Chie Asst. Minister for Energy
    James B. Konuwa Asst. Minister for Mines
    Julu Johnson Asst. Minister for Land Survey & Cartography

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