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Electrical Power

Electrical Power

The organisation responsible for the electricity supply industry in Liberia is the Liberia Electricity Corporation, known as LEC.

LEC was established by the government in 1973 to produce and supply electricity to the whole country, with the responsibility to expand the system to satisfy future demand and power the expansion of industry.

LEC operates two electric power systems, the Monrovia Grid and the Rural Electrification Network.

The Monrovia Grid serves the capital city Monrovia and the surrounding area and is the largest of the two power systems. The Grid serves five of the country's thirteen counties (perhaps fifteen) and has over 40 000 customers.The Rural Electrification Network serves the remaining 8 counties with small isolated diesel unit systems.

LEC has indicated that the industry needs US$ 100 million of investment both to increase installed capacity (particularly at Mount Coffee) and to extend and upgrade transmission and distribution. Liberia has an economic hydro potential of around 1000 MW.

LEC 1989 report is the latest available. Publication of more recent reports has been hampered by the civil war in the country, which began in December 1989. The effects of the war on generation and supply of electricity is unknown.


  • Electricity - production: 488.8 million kWh (2002)
  • Electricity - production by source: fossil fuel: 100% hydro: 0% nuclear: 0% other: 0% (2001 est.)
  • Electricity - consumption:454.6 million kWh (2002)
  • Electricity - exports: 0 kWh (2002)
  • Electricity - imports:0 kWh (2002 )

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